viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017


every little mistrust i feel leads me back to you

to the pain you had me feel wrecking right through my skin
to how you were unfaithful and erased all ability to trust from me
to how i degraded my flesh and soul by staying with you
to how i never even for a second forgave it
to the deep sorrow that haunted me
to the infinite times i did stuff just to stop feeling stupid
to how it only made me hate myself even more
to how all i was and felt slowly drifted away from my hands
to the way you tried to make me become you
to the way you punished me when i couldn't
to the way you tried to destroy me when i realised i didn't want to
to how you managed to make me stop with all that made me feel
to how i can't talk to people because you made me think no one loves me

so now i just feel like

you stole the little good i had left in me
you tore it all apart
and left me in pieces, trying to make up
years and years of abuse
that now include you
when you had promised to keep me from pain
all you did was wreck me

i hope you can't sleep at night
because i swear i never again will
and that's on you
you lied about helping
you never did
you cracked all that wasn't broken
thinking i'd be to torn to leave you
guess what
i still did